What is STAX?

STAX brings LED light into the world of bricks like LEGO®, DUPLO® and MEGA BLOKS®. Each brick contains a powerful LED. You can use them to build imaginative light creations and you can also use them to light up your own collection of building blocks. They work with and without wires and have multiple lighting modes. Just imagine the possibilities.

STAX System,  STAX Hybrid and STAX Junior

STAX consists of 3 types. STAX System (Compatible with LEGO®), STAX Hybrid and STAX Junior (Compatible with DUPLO®). As they have a different construction and size, they do not work with each other.

Explaining the magic

STAX come to life when you build them onto Power STAX. There is a 2×4 USB Power STAX which has a micro USB connector and a small switch on the side. Plug in a USB cable and connect it to your smart phone adapter, laptop or power bank. We also designed a wireless 4×4 Mobile Power STAX. One of these battery bricks will light 50 STAX for more than 1 hour and can be recharged over and over again. No need for wires or batteries! Both Power STAX have 3 light options: instant on, blinking or glowing. STAX comes in a wide range of both solid and transparent colors.


Light up your play!

  • Power STAX light up over 500 Light STAX
  • No batteries (4×4 LiPo Brick or USB power)
  • 100% compatible with major brick brands
  • No wires necessary, extension cables for far and hidden places.
  • High quality concept

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